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The Role Of Evaluation In Prevention Of College Student Drinking Problems

IV. Resources for the Non-Specialist (References)

There are many resources available to someone who wants to know more about evaluation. Here we only provide a very few “entry points” from which the interested person could pursue more specific topics and issues.

For a general textbook on evaluation, one can refer to either of these:

Weiss, Carol H. Evaluation: methods for studying programs and policies (2nd ed). Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall. 1997.

Rossi, Peter H. and Freeman, Howard E., Lipsey, Mark W. Evaluation: A Systematic Approach (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage. 1999.

A good source for general information on evaluation can be found within the:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) web site at It covers a variety of evaluation topics, including a discussion of logic models, and includes links to a variety of other sites.

For the classic (and concise) treatment of different designs to overcome threats to the validity of evaluations, see:

Campbell, Donald T. and Stanley, Julian C. Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research. Houghton Mifflin College. 1966.

Guides more specifically related to evaluation of prevention programs:

Muraskin, L. D. Understanding Evaluation: The Way to Better Prevention Programs. U.S. Department of Education. 1993

Austin, B. A College Case Study: A Supplement to Understanding Evaluation. Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention. 1997.

The following publication contains fictional case studies to demonstrate how evaluations might be designed for different prevention programs and interventions. It also includes ideas for questionnaires and other measures of program impact.

Graham, K., Woo, G.A., and Smythe, C. The Evaluation Casebook: Using Evaluation Techniques to Enhance Program Quality in Addictions. Toronto, Canada: The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. 1994.

There are many publications available from the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention. Here is a sample of some of them. They and others can be found on the HEC web site,

Environmental Management: A Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Alcohol and Other Drug Use on College Campuses. W. DeJong; C. Vince-Whitman; T. Colthurst; M. Cretella; M. Gilbreath; M. Rosati; and K. Zweig. 1998.

Setting and Improving Policies for Reducing Alcohol and Other Drug Problems on Campus. W. DeJong and S. Langenbahn, 1995, reprinted 1997.

Annotated Bibliography : Focus: Environmental Management Strategies. K. Kaphingst, compiler. 1997.

Finally, a web site featuring the “Promising Practices” sourcebook (Anderson & Milgram, 1997) can be found at

References cited in this paper:

Anderson, D. S. and Milgram, G.G. Promising Practices: Campus Alcohol Strategies (1997-98 edition) Fairfax, Virginia: George Mason University. 1997.

Larimer M, Cronce J Identification, prevention and treatment: A review of individual-focused strategies to reduce problematic alcohol consumption by college students. Journal of Studies on Alcohol Supplement 14: 148–163. 2002.

Hingson, R.; Berson, J.; and Dowley, K. "Review of research on interventions to reduce college drinking and related health and social problems." In M. Plant; E. Single; and T. Stockwell (eds.) Alcohol: Minimizing the Harm. London: Free Association Books, Ltd. 1998.

Rossi, Peter H. and Freeman, Howard E., Lipsey, Mark W. Evaluation: A Systematic Approach (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage. 1999.




Last reviewed: 9/23/2005

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