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In the News

  • Alcohol losing its attraction for teenagers
    Sydney Morning Herald April 10, 2014
    The number of teen teetotallers has increased dramatically over the past decade, with more than half now abstaining from alcohol, according to research by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.
  • Fraternity Group Will Study Hazing, Sexual Assaults, and Alcohol Abuse
    Chronicle of Higher Education April 7, 2014
    The North-American Interfraternity Conference said on Monday that it would convene three independent panels to study ways to combat hazing, alcohol abuse, and sexual assault on college campuses. Each panel will consist of eight to 12 members in fields such as higher education and public health. All three will be established before midyear and will have 18 to 21 months to report their findings and recommendations.
  • The danger of drinking game dares
    New Haven Register April 7, 2014
    “This is how you drink.” That’s what Bradley Eames says in the YouTube video, as he downs two pints of gin in less than a minute – and brags that he’s going to show his friends “who’s boss.”
  • 100 arrested after Calif. spring break party turns violent
    USA Today April 6, 2014
    Six police officers were injured, more than 100 people were arrested and dozens were hospitalized when a large spring break party near the University of California-Santa Barbara turned into an unruly civil disturbance, officials said Sunday.
  • Can Fear Of Cancer Keep College Kids From Binge Drinking?
    NPR March 28, 2014
    Many college students associate a good time with good friends, good music and good booze. But with half of all college drinkers engaging in binge drinking, the habit remains one of the biggest health risks among young adults.

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