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Environmental-Level Strategies
Campus or community-based

Implement beverage service training programs: Sales to intoxicated

This type of program can be implemented at the campus, community, or state level to require training of those who sell or serve alcohol to recognize signs of intoxication, slow the service of alcohol, and cut off individuals who are obviously intoxicated. Note: Rating based on studies of programs in a few establishments.

  • Effectiveness: = Lower effectiveness
  • Cost: $$$ = Higher
  • Barriers: (At college level) # = Lower; (At state/local level) ## = Moderate
  • Research Amount: **** = 5 or more longitudinal studies
  • Public Health Reach: Broad
  • Staffing Expertise Needed: Coordinator
  • Target Population: All students
  • Research Population: General

NOTE: Cost ratings are based on a consensus among research team members of the relative program and staff costs for adoption, implementation, and maintenance of a strategy. Actual costs will vary by institution, depending on size, existing programs, and other campus and community factors.

An official website of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

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