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Individual-Level Strategies
Motivational/feedback-based approach

Multi-component education-focused programs (MCEFP): Miscellaneous

MCEFP approaches target alcohol misuse by teaching students an array of alcohol-related skills (e.g., drink refusal, monitoring alcohol use, spacing drinks, advanced planning) and providing associated education to support skill use. Programs in this category not identified by name are highly variable in content and have not been sufficiently studied to draw strong conclusions about any individual program.

  • Effectiveness: X = Too few studies to rate effectiveness
  • Cost: $$ = Mid-range
  • Barriers: # = Lower
  • Research Amount: * = 3 or fewer studies
  • Public Health Reach: Broad
  • Primary Modality: Online
  • Staffing Expertise Needed: Coordinator
  • Target Population: Individuals, specific groups, or all students
  • Duration of Effects: Short-term (< 6 months) effects for most programs; two separate programs each assessed for long-term (≥ 6 months) effects: one found effects at 12 months, one did not.

NOTE: Cost ratings are based on the relative program and staff costs for adoption, implementation, and maintenance of a strategy. Actual costs will vary by institution, depending on size, existing programs, and other campus and community factors.

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